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Ant Plays Bear

Ant Plays Bear:
4 Paperbacks/1 CD

Author: Betsy Byars   Illustrator: Marc Simont   Narrator: Bonnie Kelley-Young
ISBN: 9781591126324
Length:  12 Min 54 Sec
Release Date: 11/30/1999
Reading Level: 1.2
Grades: K – 4

"...this production shines with the quiet (and sometimes not-so-quiet) drama of sibling relationships." -- School Library Journal


Review by: School Library Journal - February 15, 2000
"The close and sometimes contentious bond between brothers is the theme of this easy reader by Betsy Byars. The stories foucs on the everyday events in the lives of Ant (short for Anthony) and his big brother, from playing "Bear" in a cave made from a blanket, to Ant's fright at the late-night tapping of a tree against the window, to Ant's delight at realizing that he and his brother are "going to be the exact same thing" when they grow up (men). Narrator Bonnie Kelly-Young captures the essence of the boys' personalities with her liquid voice, embodying both the sweet, slightly petulant sounds of Ant's voice and the alternately affectionate and exasperated tones of his unnamed brother. Readers can choose to hear the stories with or without page turn signals. This production shines with the quiet drama of sibling relationships."

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