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Imogene's Antlers

Imogene's Antlers:
1 Paperback/1 CD (see all formats)

Author & Illustrator: David Small   Narrator: Randye Kaye
ISBN: 9781591127239
Length:  5 Min 10 Sec
Release Date: 3/30/1994
Reading Level: 3.9
Grades: K – 3

Imogene's Antlers 1 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781591127239
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Imogene's Antlers 4 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781591127253
$44.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Imogene's Antlers 1 TB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430110378
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Imogene's Antlers CD
ISBN: 9781591127222
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

Imogene wakes up one morning to discover she has sprouted a tremendous set of antlers. She accepts this calamity with grace while others around her panic and overreact.

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