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LJ Ganser

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Big Rig
Big Rig
1 Hardcover/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Jamie A. Swenson   Illustrated by: Ned Young   Narrator: L.J. Ganser
ISBN 13: 9781430121947
Length:  9 Min 27 Sec
Release Date: 6/30/2016
Price:  $29.95
"Narrator L.J. Ganser has as much fun with his narration as Frankie the eighteen-wheeler has when he takes listeners on an action-packed trip.... Peppy music, background vocalizations, and road noise complete the production." AudioFile Magazine
Big Rig 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430121947
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Big Rig CD
ISBN: 9781430121923
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

Baker's Magic
Baker's Magic
7 CD Set (see all formats)

Author: Diane Zahler   Narrators: Kenneth Cavett, Michael Crouch, Stephen DeRosa, L.J. Ganser, Tavia Gilbert, Robin Miles, Stina Nielsen, Elisabeth Rodgers
ISBN 13: 9781430125983
Release Date: 10/1/2016
Price:  $58.95
AudioFile Earphones Award " A full cast works together seamlessly in this charming magical adventure. ...The care in the production is evident..." AudioFile Magazine
Baker's Magic 7 CD Set
ISBN: 9781430125983
$58.95    Qty: Add to Cart

1 Paperback/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Melissa Stewart   Narrator: L.J. Ganser
ISBN 13: 9781430129646
Length:  30 Min 31 Sec
Release Date: 1/1/2018
Price:  $19.95
Acclaimed narrators present these Level 3 readers providing accessible, wide-ranging information on timely topics for independent readers.
Encourage scientists and explorers of tomorrow with this easy-to-grasp investigation of the world of meteors. In this image-packed book, kids will learn all about these objects hurtling through space and into our atmosphere.
Meteors 1 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430129646
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Meteors 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430129653
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Meteors 4 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430129660
$31.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Meteors CD
ISBN: 9781430129639
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

1 Paperback/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Elizabeth Carney   Narrator: L.J. Ganser
ISBN 13: 9781430126768
Length:  16 Min 25 Sec
Release Date: 1/1/2017
Price:  $19.95
Simple language introduces our solar system to young explorers, and includes all of the planets and dwarf planets, and lots of fascinating fun facts.
Planets 1 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430126768
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Planets 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430126775
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Pandas 4 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430126621
$31.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Planets CD
ISBN: 9781430126751
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

1 Paperback/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Amy Shields   Narrator: L.J. Ganser
ISBN 13: 9781430121190
Length:  11 Min 31 Sec
Release Date: 1/1/2016
Price:  $19.95
All aboard for a fun and fascinating exploration of the many kinds of trains and what they do. There are also clear definitions and “cool things about trains” that new readers will enjoy discovering.
Trains 1 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430121190
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Trains 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430121206
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Trains 4 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430121213
$31.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Trains CD
ISBN: 9781430121176
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

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