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Nancy Wu

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Infinity and Me
Infinity and Me
1 Hardcover/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Kate Hosford   Illustrator: Gabi Swiatkowska   Narrator: Nancy Wu
ISBN 13: 9781430120049
Length:  12 Min 10 Sec
Release Date: 10/15/2015
Grades: K – 3
Price:  $29.95
"Nancy Wu expresses the youth, verve, and mercurial feelings of Uma as she wonders at the number of stars in the huge, cold sky. Gabi Swiatkowska's illustrations show the small girl dwarfed by the celestial immensity she is just beginning to appreciate.... Together, the audio and print book encourage curiosity and discussion." AudioFile Magazine
Infinity and Me 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430120049
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Infinity and Me CD
ISBN: 9781430120025
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

1 Paperback/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Melissa Stewart   Narrator: Nancy Wu
ISBN 13: 9781430121145
Length:  12 Min 25 Sec
Release Date: 1/1/2016
Price:  $19.95
Simple, lively text and up-close photos fully describe these hard-working insects – from what they look like to where they live to their importance in the world.
Ants PB/CD
ISBN: 9781430121145
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Ants HC/CD
ISBN: 9781430121152
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Ants 4 PB/CD
ISBN: 9781430121169
$31.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Ants CD
ISBN: 9781430121121
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

Hang On, Monkey!
Hang On, Monkey!
1 Paperback/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Susan B. Neuman   Narrator: Nancy Wu
ISBN 13: 9781430126409
Length:  6 Min 25 Sec
Price:  $19.95
"Nancy Wu's clear and precise narration suits this nonfiction pre-reader....Repeated listens are in order, and Nancy Wu is easy on the ear." AudioFile Magazine
Hang On Monkey 1 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430126409
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Hang On Monkey 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430126416
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Hang On Monkey 4 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430126423
$31.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Hang On Monkey CD
ISBN: 9781430126393
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

Zora's Zucchini
Zora's Zucchini
1 Paperback/1 CD

Author: Katherine Pryor   Illustrated by: Anna Raff   Narrator: Nancy Wu
ISBN 13: 9781430121824
Length:  10 Min 24 Sec
Release Date: 4/30/2016
Grades: Pre – 3
Price:  $19.95
"Given the quiet, purposeful narration of Nancy Wu, heroine Zora takes center stage.... Wu is as firm in her presentation as Zora is in her determination to be a resourceful gardener. Young listeners will appreciate Zora's zeal and her ideas for sharing her harvest." AudioFile Magazine
Zora's Zucchini 1 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430121824
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Zora's Zucchini 4 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430121848
$48.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Zora's Zucchini CD
ISBN: 9781430121817
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

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