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Poetry and Rhyme

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Echo Echo: Reverso Poems About Greek Myths
Echo Echo: Reverso Poems About Greek Myths
1 Hardcover/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Marilyn Singer   Illustrator: Josee Masse   Narrators: Joe Morton, Marilyn Singer
ISBN 13: 9781430126928
Release Date: 10/23/2017
Price:  $29.95
"Author-narrator Marilyn Singer and narrator Joe Morton transport listeners of all ages into the world of Greek mythology with this collection of reverso poetry—poems that can be read top to bottom or bottom to top. ... Singer and Morton narrate with purposeful pacing, leaving time between words, phrases, and lines. Their elocution includes crisp words, elongated sounds emphasizing alliteration, and moments of high drama that are loud or sneering, melancholic or playful. Each poem is followed by a brief explanation of the myth it is based on. Spot-on sound effects and music, and an author's note complete the production."
Echo Echo 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430126928
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
Echo Echo CD
ISBN: 9781430126904
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

On Bird Hill
On Bird Hill
1 Paperback/1 CD (see all formats)

Author: Jane Yolen   Illustrated by: Bob Marstall   Narrator: Jane Yolen
ISBN 13: 9781430127994
Price:  $19.95
From iconic children's author Jane Yolen, and renowned illustrator Bob Marstall, this stunning picture book is the first in a new Jane Yolen series created for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the world authority on birds. Based on the cumulative nursery rhyme and song, “The Green Grass Grew All Around”, this enchanting version features a boy and his dog who find a nest on a hill.
On Bird Hill 1 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430127994
$19.95    Qty: Add to Cart
On Bird Hill 1 HC/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430128007
$29.95    Qty: Add to Cart
On Bird Hill 4 PB/1 CD
ISBN: 9781430128014
$44.95    Qty: Add to Cart
On Bird Hill CD
ISBN: 9781430127987
$12.95    Qty: Add to Cart

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