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Drinking Gourd, The: A Story of the Underground Railroad
Drinking Gourd, The: A Story of the Underground Railroad
4 Paperbacks/1 CD
Author: F.N. Monjo   Illustrator: Fred Brenner   Narrator: Patrick Collins
ISBN 13: 
Length:  21 Min 11 Sec
Release date: January, 2010
K - 3
Reading level: 
Price: $31.95

By: Booklist Magazine,     - October 15, 2010
"Young Tommy Fuller discovers his house is a stop on the Underground Railroad, and he joins his father to accompany a group of slaves to the next safe haven. U.S. Marshals threaten to end the journey when they demand to search the hay wagon for runaways. Can Tommy and his father keep the slaves safe and hidden? “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” a meaningful song to the slaves, is played at the beginning and during intervals throughout the story, underscoring the significance of the lyrics and music. Sound effects, including hoofbeats and a whippoorwill’s nighttime call, add dimension to this I Can Read story. Collins only slightly alters his tones to voice characters, but textual clues and book illustrations help youngsters easily identify the speakers. Collins also reads the author’s note detailing the history of slavery and role of the Underground Railroad."