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1 Paperback/1 CD
Author & Illustrator: Kevin Henkes   Narrator: Katherine Kellgren
ISBN 13: 
Length:  07 Min 27 Sec
Release date: May, 2011
Pre - 2
Reading level: 
Recommended by: AudioFile Magazine, School Library Journal
Price: $19.95

Also Available As:
ISBN: 9781430109860   Price: $29.95
ISBN: 9781430109877   Price: $39.95

  ALA Notable Children's Recordings

By: AudioFile Magazine,     - September 22, 2011
"Jessica and Ruthie are the best of friends. They build towers, read together, share meals, and mirror each other's feelings. The only problem, according to Jessica's parents, is that Jessica is an imaginary friend. What will happen when Ruthie heads off to kindergarten? Katherine Kellgren crafts many voices. As narrator, she is direct and firm and sets a leisurely pace that slows even more for emphasis. As Ruthie, she's childlike and confident in her friendship; as Ruthie's parents, she's flustered. For the many one-sided conversations that Ruthie has with Jessica, Kellgren narrates in a wonderful sotto voce. Background music and sound effects complement the story."

By: School Library Journal,     - October 11, 2011
"Ruthie has an imaginary friend named Jessica. She does everything with her friend, sharing joys and sorrows. But when Ruthie goes to school for the first time, Jessica has trouble adapting. Fortunately, Ruthie finds a real friend to call her own. Kevin Henkes's book (Greenwillow, 1989) deals with childhood issues with a light yet sympathetic hand. Jessica's reflection of Ruthie's own emotions is touching and realistic. Katherine Kellgren's rich, expressive voice serves the book well as she individualizes each character as well as adding vocal asides. Sound effects enhance the telling. This gently sweet story is well-served in this format."