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Marvelwood Magicians, The
Author: Diane Zahler   Read by: Sarah Zimmerman
ISBN 13: 9781430143857
Release Date: 11/01/2019
Price: $42.95
A dynamic, exciting circus setting is the backdrop of this engaging fantasy featuring a fantastic cast of characters whose extraordinary talents are cleverly presented in an unforgettable mystery and coming-of-age story.
ISBN 13: 9781430143857

Price: $42.95

Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen   Narrators: Tara Sands, Wendelin Van Draanen
ISBN 13: 9781430131441
Release Date: 06/01/2019
Price: $49.95
"Tara Sands and Wendelin Van Draanen share the narration of the eighteenth and final mystery featuring Sammy Keyes.... New listeners will want to hear previous titles before jumping into this one, but longtime fans can immediately enjoy this emotional conclusion to the beloved series." AudioFile Magazine
Audio File
ISBN 13: 9781430131441

Price: $49.95
ISBN 13: 9781430131458

Price: $66.95

Space Between Before and After, The
Author: Sue Stauffacher   Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
ISBN 13: 9781430143956
Price: $44.95
"Thomas Moran, a fifth-grade Michigan boy who is left to navigate a difficult home situation after his mother's disappearance, is beautifully portrayed by Tavia Gilbert. ...Gilbert's strong narration illuminates Thomas and his father's relationship as well as the supporting friends and neighbors who provide Thomas with closure." AudioFile Magazine
Price: $44.95

Wall in the Middle of the Book, The
Author: Jon Agee   Narrators: Everest De Montebello, Marc Thompson
ISBN 13: 9781430143758
Release Date: 03/29/2019
Price: $30.95
"A picture book of few words is skillfully given depth with sound effects and dialogue between two talented voices." BOOKLIST
Audio File
Price: $30.95
ISBN 13: 9781430143734

Price: $12.95

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga
Author: Traci Sorell   Illustrated by: Frane Lessac   Read bys: Lauren Hummingbird, Agalisiga (Choogie) Mackey, Ryan Mackey, Traci Sorell, Tonia Hogner-Weavel
ISBN 13: 9781430143796
Release Date: 06/15/2019
Price: $30.95
AudioFile Earphones Award " Each narrator lends a unique voice to the story, complementing the diverse contemporary Cherokee families who are depicted celebrating every season. Cherokee pronunciations are beautifully delivered to help listeners understand the language, while sounds of the forest and the community create ambiance. Listening with the picture book is the ideal way to appreciate this charming and important work with themes of being thankful, honoring family and ancestors, and coming together for celebrations. ...."
Audio File
ISBN 13: 9781430143796

Price: $30.95
ISBN 13: 9781430143772

Price: $12.95

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