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Day of the Dead

ISBN 13: 9781430114512
Release Date: 09/30/2013
Grades: K - 3
Length:  19 Min 28 Sec
Price: $19.95
"Narrator Christian Barillas brings the celebration of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) to life, no pun intended. His well-modulated narration sparks interest in the many customs of the three-day holiday. His steady pacing and crisp diction make it easy for young listeners to tune in to the wealth of information."-AudioFile Magazine
Audio File
ISBN 13: 9781430114512

Price: $19.95
ISBN 13: 9781430114505

Price: $12.95

Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld   Narrator: Joe Towne
ISBN 13: 9781430121091
Release Date: 01/01/2016
Length:  11 Min 39 Sec
Price: $19.95
These prehistoric creatures are a fascinating topic for beginning readers and the up-to-date information and eye-popping photos in this simple introduction will enthrall them.

ISBN 13: 9781430121091

Price: $19.95
ISBN 13: 9781430121077

Price: $12.95

Author: Melissa Stewart   Narrator: Suzanne Toren
ISBN 13: 9781430126645
Release Date: 01/01/2017
Length:  15 Min 34 Sec
Price: $19.95
Bubbly text and captivating photos of the lives of these beloved mammals includes an emphasis on human responsibility to conserve their natural environment.

Audio File
ISBN 13: 9781430126645

Price: $19.95
ISBN 13: 9781430126638

Price: $12.95

Drinking Gourd, The: A Story of the Underground Railroad
Author: F.N. Monjo   Illustrator: Fred Brenner   Narrator: Patrick Collins
ISBN 13: 9781430108108
Release Date: 01/31/2010
Grades: K - 3
Length:  21 Min 11 Sec
Price: $19.95
Tommy Fuller accidentally discovers that his family's house is a stop on the Underground Railroad when he finds a family of runaway slaves hiding in the barn. Now that he knows, can Tommy be trusted to help his father transport the slaves in the hay wagon to the next safe haven?
ISBN 13: 9781430108108

Price: $19.95
ISBN 13: 9781430108092

Price: $12.95

Eagles Are Back, The
Author: Jean Craighead George   Illustrator: Wendell Minor   Narrator: Wendell Minor
ISBN 13: 9781430117773
Release Date: 12/15/2014
Grades: K - 4
Length:  11 Min 14 Sec
Price: $29.95
"This story of a boy and a ranger who encourage an eagle pair to adopt and nurture an eagle egg is heartwarming. Minor's warm, conversational manner provides a "you-are-there" experience..." AudioFile Magazine
Audio File
ISBN 13: 9781430117773

Price: $29.95
ISBN 13: 9781430117759

Price: $12.95

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