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Baker's Magic

ISBN 13: 9781987159967
Price: $69.99
Bee, a young orphan, is terribly hungry when she steals a bun from a local bakery. This desperate act sets off a series of events that takes the twelve-year-old on an incredible adventure that begins with her being hired by the baker and discovering that whatever she bakes reflects her current mood. Bee’s unusual talent comes in handy as she helps her new friend Princess Anika escape the evil mage, meets up with pirates and finds a family. A magical, meaningful story and a most magnificent heroine will delight readers of all tastes!
ISBN 13: 9781987159967

Price: $69.99

Case of the Amazing Zelda, The

ISBN 13: 9781987159813
Price: $54.99
Milo and Jazz are on the case to determine if the pet psychic who calls herself the Amazing Zelda really is!
ISBN 13: 9781987159813

Price: $54.99

Case of the Haunted Haunted House, The

ISBN 13: 9781987159820
Price: $54.99
A ghost at school? The super-sleuths must figure out if their class's haunted house might actually be haunted!
ISBN 13: 9781987159820

Price: $54.99

Case of the Poisoned Pig, The

ISBN 13: 9781987159660
Price: $54.99
Milo and Jazz ruch to find out who would want to harm an innocent pig piglet?
ISBN 13: 9781987159660

Price: $54.99

Case of the Stinky Socks, The

ISBN 13: 9781987159677
Price: $54.99
When the Wildcat's star pitcher discovers his lucky socks are missing, the detective duo set out to find the thief before the big game!
ISBN 13: 9781987159677

Price: $54.99

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