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Piper Brown and the Fairy Tree: Going Places

ISBN 13: 9781987159851
Price: $54.99
In this fourth chapter-book adventure, Piper Green’s class is taking a “pretend” school trip to China— on a “pretend” airplane. When Piper pretends she’s flown before and gets chosen to be a flight attendant, she once again turns to the Fairy Tree to help her out.
ISBN 13: 9781987159851

Price: $54.99

Piper Brown and the Fairy Tree: Pie Girl

ISBN 13: 9781987159981
Price: $54.99
Everyone knows that being Pie Girl is the best role to have for the annual community dinner on the Sea Star that docks at Peek-a-Boo Island. This year, Piper’s mom is making pecan pies, which means Piper won’t have to be “mashed potato girl” as in past years. Then Piper gets a mysterious rash -- will she lose her role as Pie Girl or can a gift from the fairy tree help save the day?
ISBN 13: 9781987159981

Price: $54.99

Piper Brown and the Fairy Tree: Sea Pony

ISBN 13: 9781987159837
Price: $54.99
In her third adventure, Piper finds a whistle in the Fairy Tree. But what she really wants is a pony! Could the unusual whistle be magical after all?
ISBN 13: 9781987159837

Price: $54.99

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree

ISBN 13: 9781987159707
Price: $54.99
Meet Piper - a sassy seven-year-old who lives on an island in Maine and takes a lobster boat to school every day! Upset because her older brother has left Peek-a-Boo Island, Piper's refusal to take off his old earmuffs is creating problems for her at home and school. Then, Piper discovers the Fairy Tree - when she reaches into the hollow of the tree she finds a mysterious gift that sparks a new adventure. This is the first in a three-book beginning reader series about a spirited young girl and her encounters with the various characters who inhabit her fascinating island home.
Price: $54.99

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree: Too Much Good Luck
In this second in the early chapter book series about Piper Green, her day starts with a run of good luck. Then her friend Jacob tells her too much good luck can mean bad luck is on its way. Sure enough, when she gets to school, Bad Luck is waiting for her. Can the Fairy Tree help break Piper’s unlucky streak?
Price: $54.99

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