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Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen   Narrator: Tara Sands
ISBN 13: 9781606406465
Release Date: 03/30/2001
Grades: 4 - 7
Length:  5 Hr 14 Min 00 Sec
Price: $59.99
Actress Tara Sands narrates this third adventure in the series by Wendelin Van Draanen. This time Sammy is serving detention at St. Mary's church where she find herself a suspect when Fr. Mayhew's gold cross is stolen from the safe. Intertwined around this main event are equally riveting ones: Sammy's relentless curiosity about Holly, who she notices while working at the Homeless Shelter; the junior high school rivalry between Sammy and Heather that escalates during baseball season; and the flamboyant manners of the Sisters of Mercy who descend upon St. Mary's. Sands retains the voices, evoking a continuity of images for the more familiar characters. Listeners can almost touch the soft, gray hair of Grams, with her gentle and caring voice, while Officer Borsch's gruff and gravely one epitomizes the image of an overweight, street-smart cop. Adding to her repertoire of voices, Sands stretches her abilities with more subtlety. Meeting the homeless girl Holly, Sands is able to give her a feral-like quality, yet inflict a vulnerability that tugs on listeners' heartstrings. With the Sisters of Mercy, she offers just the right amount of lightness in tone, and her renditions of their singing will make listeners laugh out loud. Sands' voice personifies the Sammy Keyes character, with all its adolescent love, anger, and humor. Listeners who love baseball will delight in this novel, as the playoffs for the championship highlight this story. Mystery fans will enjoy this 1999 Edgar Award winner for Best Children's Mystery.
ISBN 13: 9781606406465

Price: $59.99

Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen   Narrator: Tara Sands
ISBN 13: 9781606406472
Release Date: 11/30/2000
Grades: 4 - 7
Length:  4 Hr 32 Min 00 Sec
Price: $54.99
While living a surreptitious life sneaking in and out of Gram's adults-only apartment complex, Sammy observes the unusual in the usual world. Halloween finds her and her friends mustering nerve to wend their way through dense shrubbery to the front door of scary Bush House to trick-or-treat when they are nearly knocked down by a "skeleton man" scurrying away with his loot in a pillow case. Sammy peers into the house to discover it's on fire, rescues its owner, and becomes embroiled in his family history. Her quick switches between adult intuitiveness and childish pranks are in keeping with a personality that neither thinks twice about rushing into a burning house nor about exposing the misdemeanors of a classmate via the school's public-address system. Only Sammy and a few other characters are developed to any extent. The nosy neighbor, the weak grandmother, and the cantankerous cops are examples of stereotyped adults. Sammy's classmates run the gamut of sweet and naive friends to snide and snotty enemies. However, readers will enjoy the mystery, hijinks, plotting, and adult comeuppance. Occasional black-and-white drawings illustrate the book. A fun read, particularly for fans of the previous book about this young sleuth.
ISBN 13: 9781606406472

Price: $54.99

Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things
Narrator: Tara Sands
ISBN 13: 9781616374044
Release Date: 05/31/2009
Grades: 4 - 7
Length:  7 Hr 11 Min 00 Sec
Price: $64.99
In the eleventh book in the always exciting series, Sammy Keyes finds herself in the wilderness helping eco-friendly Girl Scouts save the endangered condor. Leaving behind the city life of her grandma's senior complex and shopping malls, Sammy encounters scorpions, poison oak and biting flies, along with clues that help her uncover the culprit who shot the baby condor and kidnapped its mother. Once again, Sammy's story is a satisfying mix of adolescent issues and fascinating mystery that will thrill listeners.
ISBN 13: 9781616374044

Price: $64.99

School Troubles for Andy Russell
Author: David A. Adler   Illustrator: Will Hillenbrand   Narrator: Oliver Wyman
ISBN 13: 9781616374020
Release Date: 05/31/2008
Length:  2 Hr 07 Min 00 Sec
Price: $39.99
"Oliver Wyman's repertoire includes a plethora of familiar school personalities. He shifts effortlessly from the intimidating principal to the goody-two-shoes to the zany student to the high-strung substitute teacher... Adler's story and Wyman's narration especially shine at the Russell home as Andy's parents show compassion for his situation at school and for the neighborhood family they are helping."-AudioFile
Price: $39.99

Shredderman: Attack of the Tagger
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen   Illustrator: Brian Biggs   Narrator: Daniel Young
ISBN 13: 9781606406489
Release Date: 11/30/2008
Grades: 3 - 6
Length:  1 Hr 55 Min 00 Sec
Price: $34.99
Fifth grader Nolan Byrd, otherwise known as the cyber-superhero Shredderman, is at it again. In Wendelin Van Draanen's sequel to Secret Identity, someone is spray painting the town with "dumb baby" faces and Nolan is determined to unmask the culprit. Armed with a digital camera, his bike, and his smarts, Shredderman comes up with a plan to end the Tagger's tricks. Eleven-year-old Daniel Young does an excellent job of bringing Nolan and all of his quirks to life, and provides a unique voice for each character. Listeners will be cheering for more truth, justice, and Shredderman!
ISBN 13: 9781606406489

Price: $34.99

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