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Las Espinacas de Sylvia (Sylvia's Spinach)
Author: Katherine Pryor   Illustrated by: Anna Raff   Narrators: Alisa Amador, Rosi Amador, Brian Amador
ISBN: 9781430144212
Length:  13 Min 35 Sec
Release Date: 03/01/2020
Price: $19.95
The delightful story of Sylvia, who hates spinach, but discovers the magic of growing her own food through a school gardening project, is now available in a Spanish edition.

The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter
ISBN: 9781430144298
Length:  11 Min 34 Sec
Release Date: 06/15/2020
Price: $31.95
AudioFile Earphones Award "Shabazz Larkin delivers a lively and joyful audiobook companion to his picture book all about appreciating bees.... Legend and Royal add giggles, yelps, and exclamations, while Ashley Larkin's bright voice narrates headings and labels. Buzzing bees, light piano music, and bongo drums add to the fun..." AudioFile Magazine
Audio File

The Overground Railroad
Author: Lesa Cline-Ransome   Illustrator: James E. Ransome   Read by: Shayna Small
ISBN: 9781430144250
Release Date: 07/31/2020
Price: $31.95
AudioFile Earphones Award "The rumble of train tracks, warm twangs of a banjo, and soft humming set the scene for this children's audiobook tracing one family's journey north during the Great Migration. Narrator Shayna Small embodies Ruth Ellen, the young Black girl who is escaping life on a tenant farm....Narrator Dion Graham calls out as the conductor in a booming voice and quietly joins in when Ruth Ellen reads from a worn copy of Frederick Douglass's chronicle of his escape to freedom. The skillfully layered audiobook mirrors the richness of the picture book's moving illustrations."
Audio File

The Overground Railroad
Author: Lesa Cline-Ransome   Illustrator: James E. Ransome   Read by: Shayna Small
ISBN: 9781430144243
Price: $12.95
From the award-winning author and illustrator of BEFORE SHE WAS HARRIET comes an original and moving perspective of the Great Migration, as seen through the eyes of the young girl Ruth Ellen, whose family journeys from North Carolina to New York City.

Rise!: From Caged Bird to Poet of the People, Maya Angelou
This glorious biography of Maya Angelou’s life – from her traumatic childhood through her work as a freedom fighter and her triumphant rise as a poet – is a powerful tribute to a phenomenal woman.

Houndsley and Catina Cousin Wagster
Forthcoming release, available November 2020 When Houndsley’s exuberant and adventurous cousin comes to visit the two best friends learn to navigate how he changes their friendship.

Houndsley and Catina at the Library
Author: James Howe   Illustrator: Marie-Louise Gay
ISBN: 9781430144373
Price: $12.95
Forthcoming release, available November 2020 The best friends are upset when they discover that the library will be closing, but with the help of others learn to adapt to change.