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At Live Oak Media, we personally produce about 20 new titles each year, marketing and selling them through our catalog and website, as well as to distributors. Our readalongs are distinctive because of the extensive process that we've developed to create an audio recording of a picture book or beginning reader.

A readalong is not just another audiobook. Words and text in picture books or early readers are picture dependent, and our readalongs are produced to be listened to with the book. We approach our productions with two purposes in mind: to help children learn to read and develop language skills; and to make the reading experience fun! We try to place and draw the child into the world of the book, into the illustrations and words, by using sound effects, music, and production techniques that support reading and listening.

Each book is specially selected from many wonderful titles that are published by various book publishers. Then, we cast the narrator, carefully choosing the appropriate voice, or voices, to embody the diverse facets of the individual characters in the book. With the narrative voice at center stage, our producer and engineer spend hours editing, adding appropriate sound effects, and the perfect musical accompaniments. The final outcome is much more than a word-for-word recording—it's an original production that is both educational and entertaining.

We're very proud of our award-winning productions, and the stellar list of authors, illustrators, and narrators we work with to create some of the finest and most innovative audio for children. As a small, family-owned company, we are also committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service. It's very important to us that when you call us, you speak to a person not a machine, and that your concerns are handled with ease and great care. So give us a call. We love to listen!

Arnie and Debra Cardillo
Live Oak Media
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