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Live Oak Media offers more formats than you have ears for listening!


Digital Downloads

Our titles are available from Overdrive, Audible, Catalyst, Mackin and other distributors. Find out more.

Marvelwood Magicians


Over 150 of our titles are available as eReadalongs from Lerner Publishing. An eReadalong is an ebook fully integrated with the high-quality audio production that Live Oak Media creates for every book we record. ereadalongs

Readalongs (Books and CDs)

We continue to offer our new releases and all of our backlist titles in whatever format the books are available from the book publisher. Readalongs feature word-for-word recordings. Track one of the CD has unobtrusive page-turn signals (the sound of a page being turned) for readers who need direction; track two of the CD is unsignaled for more independent readers. These readalongs are packaged as follows:

1 book and 1 CD 1 hardcover book and 1 CD  
1 paperback book/1 CD:
1 hardcover book/1 CD:

Audiobooks on CD

audiobooksWe continue to offer our unabridged audiobooks on CD Packaged in molded library cases, these multi-cd sets can be purchased with or without the paperback books. (See title listings for prices.)

CDs of Readalongs

Although we produce our audio of picture books and beginning readers to be listened to along with the book, we do offer the CD of these titles if you're looking to pair it with a book already in your collection. The CD format information is listed for each title offered.

Our Services

Reviews as Recommendations

Whenever possible throughout this site we have quoted professional audiovisual review media and supplied review recommendations for our titles. Where those reviews aren’t available we have provided descriptive copy.



All Live Oak Media readalongs are packaged in plastic hang-up bags; free replacement bags are available on request. Our audiobooks are packaged in molded library albums and can be purchased with or without the books.


Replacement CDs

Available for all of our titles for $6.95 each. Please order by phone (800.788.1121) or email.

Additional Paperbacks

Paperbacks - Additional paperback copies of books can be purchased at the publishers’ list prices. Please call Customer Service (1-800-788-1121) for price and availability, as prices do differ from title to title.


We will replace, cancel the charge for, or issue a credit for any items with which you are not completely satisfied.

Warning Concerning Unauthorized Copying

All copyright laws strictly enforced. The materials described may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from Live Oak Media.