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Winnie Dancing On Her Own
ISBN: 9781616374006
Length:  1 Hr 20 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 07/31/2009
Grades: 2 - 5
Price: $34.99

Beginning Readers History and Adventure
Author: Paula Danziger   Illustrator: Tony Ross
ISBN: 9781430108856
Release Date: 04/30/2010
Price: $74.95

The Drinking Gourd
By F.N. Monjo; illustrated by Fred Brenner; read by Patrick Collins

Hill of Fire
By Thomas P. Lewis; illustrated by Joan Sandin; read by Brian Amador

The Josefina Story Quilt
By Eleanor Coerr; illustrated by Bruce Degen; read by Christina Moore

Wagon Wheels
By Barbara Brenner; illustrated by Don Bolognese; read by Steven Michael Harper

Picture Book Biographies of Notable Figures in History

A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln
Illustrated by John and Alexandra Wallner; read by Melinda Herring

A Picture Book of Anne Frank
Illustrated by Karen Ritz; read by Randye Kaye

A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Illustrated by Robert Casilla; read by Charles Turner

A Picture Book of Rosa Parks
Illustrated by Robert Casilla; read by Charles Turner

Classic African Folk Tales
ISBN: 9781467650274
Price: $39.99

28 Days<br> Moments in Black History That Changed the World
The 28 days of Black History Month are commemorated with descriptions of the men, women and events that have been vital in defining our understanding of African-American history. From Crispus Attucks to Barack Obama, Harriet Tubman to Malcolm X, Althea Gibson and Arthur Ash, the entries move chronologically from 1770 to the present, and encompass all walks of life, from the armed forces and performing arts, through sports and civil rights activism. Colorful, brilliant images underscore the spectacular poetry and prose that celebrates these important individuals and decisions that framed our country's history. A final 29th day challenges readers to make their own historical contributions.

Amber Brown is on the Move
ISBN: 9781987159721
Price: $54.99
Now that Amber’s mom and Max are married the three of them are moving to a new house, setting off changes that Amber must deal with, like how does she leave the home her dad used to live in? And, how can she focus on the upcoming standardized tests at school and a dance competition when her dad is dating her dance instructor? As usual, the popular tween does it with wit, honesty and help from her friends and family.

Amber Brown is Tickled Pink
ISBN: 9781987159691
Price: $54.99
Perfectly capturing the character and voice of the inimitable Amber Brown, beloved author Paula Danziger’s best friends, Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy, continue the popular series in this new story. Amber’s mother is getting married to Max, and while she’s excited about being Best Child and Justin and his family coming back to town for the event, there’s also a lot of fighting about money—and that is something Amber isn’t happy about. Fans of the series will not be disappointed!

Case of the Poisoned Pig, The
ISBN: 9781987159660
Price: $54.99
Milo and Jazz ruch to find out who would want to harm an innocent pig piglet?

Case of the Stinky Socks, The
ISBN: 9781987159677
Price: $54.99
When the Wildcat's star pitcher discovers his lucky socks are missing, the detective duo set out to find the thief before the big game!

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree
ISBN: 9781987159707
Price: $54.99
Meet Piper - a sassy seven-year-old who lives on an island in Maine and takes a lobster boat to school every day! Upset because her older brother has left Peek-a-Boo Island, Piper's refusal to take off his old earmuffs is creating problems for her at home and school. Then, Piper discovers the Fairy Tree - when she reaches into the hollow of the tree she finds a mysterious gift that sparks a new adventure. This is the first in a three-book beginning reader series about a spirited young girl and her encounters with the various characters who inhabit her fascinating island home.

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree: Too Much Good Luck
In this second in the early chapter book series about Piper Green, her day starts with a run of good luck. Then her friend Jacob tells her too much good luck can mean bad luck is on its way. Sure enough, when she gets to school, Bad Luck is waiting for her. Can the Fairy Tree help break Piper’s unlucky streak?

Amber Brown Horses Around
ISBN: 9781987159875
Price: $54.99
Amber and her best friend Justin are spending the summer at Camp Cushetunk. Amber is having a great time learning to ride and take care of the Cinnamon, the sweetest horse ever—until she becomes the target of pranks. Amber and her friends plot revenge, but things don’t turn out as planned and the horsing around leads to real trouble.

Case of the Amazing Zelda, The
ISBN: 9781987159813
Price: $54.99
Milo and Jazz are on the case to determine if the pet psychic who calls herself the Amazing Zelda really is!

Case of the Haunted Haunted House, The
ISBN: 9781987159820
Price: $54.99
A ghost at school? The super-sleuths must figure out if their class's haunted house might actually be haunted!

Piper Brown and the Fairy Tree: Going Places
ISBN: 9781987159851
Price: $54.99
In this fourth chapter-book adventure, Piper Green’s class is taking a “pretend” school trip to China— on a “pretend” airplane. When Piper pretends she’s flown before and gets chosen to be a flight attendant, she once again turns to the Fairy Tree to help her out.

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