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Case of the Amazing Zelda, The
ISBN: 9781987159813
Price: $54.99
Milo and Jazz are on the case to determine if the pet psychic who calls herself the Amazing Zelda really is!

Case of the Haunted Haunted House, The
ISBN: 9781987159820
Price: $54.99
A ghost at school? The super-sleuths must figure out if their class's haunted house might actually be haunted!

Piper Brown and the Fairy Tree: Sea Pony
ISBN: 9781987159837
Price: $54.99
In her third adventure, Piper finds a whistle in the Fairy Tree. But what she really wants is a pony! Could the unusual whistle be magical after all?

Winnie at Her Best
ISBN: 9781987159950
Price: $54.99
In this third adventure in the series about the spunky fourth grader, Winnie is struggling with what it is she's "best" at. Zoe is the smart one, Vanessa is the actress - what is it that Winnie does that makes her special? As she works to uncover her true gift, Winnie deals with the complex emotions of jealousy, competition, and finally, self-acceptance in this heartwarming story of friendship.

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