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Author & Illustrator: David McPhail   Narrator: Larry Robinson
ISBN: 9781595192547
Length:  3 Min 15 Sec
Release Date: 02/28/1988
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...a welcome addition to any book and cassette collection." - School Library Journal

House is a House for Me, A
Author: Mary Ann Hoberman   Illustrator: Betty Fraser   Narrator: Linda Terheyden
ISBN: 9781595193049
Length:  8 Min 18 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1984
Grades: Pre - 1
Price: $19.95
Lilting rhyme and profuse illustrations put forth the premise that anything that contains something else can be considered a house.

Wemberly Worried
Author & Illustrator: Kevin Henkes   Narrator: Laura Hamilton
ISBN: 9781591123590
Length:  10 Min 42 Sec
Release Date: 11/30/2001
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
"This superb read-along is perfect to calm all worrying Wemberlys." - Booklist

George Washington's Cows
Author & Illustrator: David Small   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595190338
Length:  6 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1997
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"This short, rhyming tale...deals with the farm animals owned by George Washington. Guaranteed to stretch the imagination while tickling the funny bone...Narrator Peter Fernandez does a fine job of reading with a deadpan expression - adding to the credibility of the story. Delightful period music weaves in and out at appropriate times...Sound effects...emphasize the action...Add this one to your list of tall tales for a very moo-ving experience! " -School Library Journal

Happy Birthday, Sam
Author & Illustrator: Pat Hutchins   Narrator: Linda Terheyden
ISBN: 9781595190406
Length:  5 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 04/30/1994
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
Even though he's a year older, Sam still can't reach doorknobs, light switches, or sink faucets. However, a thoughtful birthday gift of a chair from his grandfather sets things right.

Rainbow of My Own, A
Author & Illustrator: Don Freeman   Narrator: Linda Terheyden
ISBN: 9781595190697
Length:  5 Min 59 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1982
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
A boy plays hide-and-seek and leap-frog in the rain with his imaginary friend - a rainbow. His friend disappears when the sun comes out, but when the boy goes home he finds a real rainbow of his very own.

Sea Turtles
Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Paula Parker
ISBN: 9781595190765
Length:  17 Min 38 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1999
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...a valuable and effective program." -- School Library Journal

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595190802
Length:  14 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1992
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
From the tiny dwarf shark to the gigantic whale shark, Gail Gibbons' clear text and illustrations acquaint readers with these ever-fascinating creatures.

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Suzanne Toren
ISBN: 9781595190840
Length:  15 Min 13 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1999
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...bright illustrations and simple text, pleasantly presented in read-along form, should be welcomed by budding entomologists." - School Library Journal

Story About Ping, The
Author: Kurt Wiese   Author & Illustrator: Marjorie Flack   Narrator: Jerry Terheyden
ISBN: 9781595190888
Length:  10 Min 54 Sec
Release Date: 12/30/1982
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
The ever-popular tale of the adventures that befall a young duckling during an evening on the Yangtze River.

Story of Ferdinand, The
Author: Munro Leaf   Illustrator: Robert Lawson   Narrator: Brian Amador
ISBN: 9781595190925
Length:  10 Min 16 Sec
Release Date: 02/28/1989
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"Read with lively narration and dramatic expression...brilliant, expressive and appealing." - Booklist

That's Good, That's Bad
Author: Margery Cuyler   Illustrator: David Catrow   Narrator: Larry Robinson
ISBN: 9781595190963
Length:  8 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 04/30/1996
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
"...a very nice resource for learning centers and beginning readers." - School Library Journal

Author & Illustrator: Taro Yashima   Narrator: Larry Robinson
ISBN: 9781595190994
Length:  9 Min 20 Sec
Release Date: 06/30/1987
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
The beautiful, rhythmic sound of rain on Momo's umbrella underscores this lovely Caldecott Honor Book about a young girl who waits impatiently for the rain to fall so that she can use the new umbrella she received for her third birthday.

Very Worst Monster, The
Author & Illustrator: Pat Hutchins   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595191021
Length:  5 Min 33 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1992
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
Hazel's determination to be the very worst monster of all becomes more concentrated and imaginative with every bit of attention focused on (ugh!) baby brother Billy.

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595191052
Length:  12 Min 60 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1993
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95

"...ocean and whale sounds convey the mystery of these magnificent creatures as the narrator effectively reads the text." - Booklist

"...an attractive, informative production." - School Library Journal