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Rainbow of My Own, A
Author & Illustrator: Don Freeman   Narrator: Linda Terheyden
ISBN: 9781595190697
Length:  5 Min 59 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1982
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
A boy plays hide-and-seek and leap-frog in the rain with his imaginary friend - a rainbow. His friend disappears when the sun comes out, but when the boy goes home he finds a real rainbow of his very own.

Sea Turtles
Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Paula Parker
ISBN: 9781595190765
Length:  17 Min 38 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1999
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...a valuable and effective program." -- School Library Journal

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595190802
Length:  14 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1992
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
From the tiny dwarf shark to the gigantic whale shark, Gail Gibbons' clear text and illustrations acquaint readers with these ever-fascinating creatures.

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Suzanne Toren
ISBN: 9781595190840
Length:  15 Min 13 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1999
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...bright illustrations and simple text, pleasantly presented in read-along form, should be welcomed by budding entomologists." - School Library Journal

Story About Ping, The
Author: Kurt Wiese   Author & Illustrator: Marjorie Flack   Narrator: Jerry Terheyden
ISBN: 9781595190888
Length:  10 Min 54 Sec
Release Date: 12/30/1982
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
The ever-popular tale of the adventures that befall a young duckling during an evening on the Yangtze River.

Story of Ferdinand, The
Author: Munro Leaf   Illustrator: Robert Lawson   Narrator: Brian Amador
ISBN: 9781595190925
Length:  10 Min 16 Sec
Release Date: 02/28/1989
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"Read with lively narration and dramatic expression...brilliant, expressive and appealing." - Booklist

That's Good, That's Bad
Author: Margery Cuyler   Illustrator: David Catrow   Narrator: Larry Robinson
ISBN: 9781595190963
Length:  8 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 04/30/1996
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
"...a very nice resource for learning centers and beginning readers." - School Library Journal

Author & Illustrator: Taro Yashima   Narrator: Larry Robinson
ISBN: 9781595190994
Length:  9 Min 20 Sec
Release Date: 06/30/1987
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
The beautiful, rhythmic sound of rain on Momo's umbrella underscores this lovely Caldecott Honor Book about a young girl who waits impatiently for the rain to fall so that she can use the new umbrella she received for her third birthday.

Very Worst Monster, The
Author & Illustrator: Pat Hutchins   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595191021
Length:  5 Min 33 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1992
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
Hazel's determination to be the very worst monster of all becomes more concentrated and imaginative with every bit of attention focused on (ugh!) baby brother Billy.

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595191052
Length:  12 Min 60 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1993
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95

"...ocean and whale sounds convey the mystery of these magnificent creatures as the narrator effectively reads the text." - Booklist

" attractive, informative production." - School Library Journal

Whistle For Willie
Author & Illustrator: Ezra Jack Keats   Narrator: Linda Terheyden
ISBN: 9781595191090
Length:  6 Min 08 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1983
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
" with lively narration and dramatic expression for the young reader...[satisfies] the needs of children being read to and is sensitive to their reading maturity by a slow and deliberate pace, but not so slow as to be boring...brilliant, expressive, and appealing." - Booklist

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: George Guidall
ISBN: 9781595191137
Length:  18 Min 29 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1999
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
Award-winning narrator George Guidall's adept reading enlivens a text packed with information in this exploration of the life of the gray wolf (or timber wolf). Using her effective format of large color drawings and useful facts, Gail Gibbons once again provides an excellent resource for primary-grade students.
Audio File

Author & Illustrator: Gail Gibbons   Narrator: Randye Kaye
ISBN: 9781595191175
Length:  10 Min 15 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1991
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"Public and school libraries as well as classrooms...will enjoy this package...makes an excellent introduction or follow-up to a zoo field trip." - School Library Journal

Author: Kathleen Hague   Illustrator: Michael Hague   Narrator: Peter Fernandez
ISBN: 9781595192417
Length:  6 Min 56 Sec
Release Date: 09/30/1985
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
"Richly detailed in the scenes they depict, as well as charming, the illustrations are the outstanding feature of this program." - Media Review

Too Many Pumpkins
Author: Linda White   Illustrator: Megan Lloyd   Narrator: Larry Robinson
ISBN: 9781591128298
Length:  12 Min 58 Sec
Release Date: 04/30/1997
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
Baked, stewed, or mashed, pumpkins remind Rebecca Estelle of the Great Depression when that was all her family had to eat. When an enormous pumpkin falls off a truck and smashes in her yard, Rebecca Estelle devises a clever way to get rid of the unwanted crop that sprouts.