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Houndsley and Catina Cousin Wagster
Illustrator: Marie-Louise Gay   Author: James Howe   Narrator: Peter Pamela Rose
ISBN: 9781430144335
Length:  14 Min 04 Sec
Release Date: 01/15/2021
Price: $19.95
When Houndsley’s exuberant and adventurous cousin comes to visit the two best friends learn to navigate how he changes their friendship.

Houndsley and Catina at the Library
Author: James Howe   Illustrator: Marie-Louise Gay   Narrator: Peter Pamela Rose
ISBN: 9781430144373
Price: $12.95
The best friends are upset when they discover that the library will be closing, but with the help of others learn to adapt to change.

Las Calabacitas de Zora
Illustrated by: Anna Raff   Author: Katherine Pryor   Narrators: Alisa Amador, Rosi Amador, Brian Amador
ISBN: 9781430144618
Price: $19.95
The amazing Amador family voices the delightful story of Zora, a young gardener who grows a community by organizing a garden swap with the abundance of zucchini she grows, in this new Spanish edition.

We Are Still Here!: Native American Truths Everyone Should Know
From the creators of the Odyssey Honor-award WE ARE GRATEFUL: OTSALIHELIGA... "Using the framework of a live presentation for Indigenous People’s Day, each topic is narrated by a young member of a tribal Nation who explains what the government policies are or were and how they affected the indigenous people then and now. Their clear and convincing young voices develop the subject matter in a confident and accomplished manner, while a background of flute music, rattles, bells, chants, and singing provides authenticity and atmosphere.
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Ohana Means Family
Author: Ilima Loomis   Illustrated by: Kenard Pak   Narrators: Lois Leinani Whitney, Hokuao Pellegrino, Ilima Loomis
ISBN: 9781430144595
Price: $31.95
Poetic text in the style of “The House That Jack Built” celebrates a family —or ohana — as they farm taro for poi to prepare for the traditional luau in this luscious homage to the culture of the Hawaiian people which also includes traditional music.

I and I Bob Marley
Author: Tony Medina   Illustrated by: Jesse Joshua
ISBN: 9781430144632
Price: $19.95
Forthcoming release, available September 2021 Uniquely perceptive poems follow the life from boyhood to icon of this celebrated poet and prophet of reggae culture, set against a backdrop of original music that echoes the Jamaican countryside where he was born and the world beyond that continues to embrace his legacy today.

Julieta and the Diamond Enigma
With a mix of Spanish and French words and phrases within the text, and the endearing energy of the irrepressible Julieta, young listeners will be transported to Paris and the world of art in this middle-grade mystery about a diamond stolen from the Louvre — a robbery that nine-year-old Julieta and her art-handler dad walk in on and are accused of!

Daughter of the White Rose
Author: Diane Zahler
ISBN: 9781430144823
Release Date: 10/25/2021
Price: $49.95
Based on the real royal scandal of the Princes in the Tower and covering a shocking episode in medieval history, this girl-led middle-grade novel is a story of murder, betrayal, resilience, and growing up, from the author of THE MARVELWOOD MAGICIANS and BAKER'S MAGIC.