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Don't Forget the Bacon!
Author & Illustrator: Pat Hutchins   Narrator: Larry Robinson
ISBN: 9781591127093
Length:  5 Min 31 Sec
Release Date: 04/30/1992
Grades: Pre - 1
Price: $22.95
As he sets out for the store, the boy's mother reminds him, "Six farm eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears, and don't forget the bacon." Amassing an odd collection of things during his trip, the boy finally sorts everything out...almost, that is.

Doorbell Rang, The
Author & Illustrator: Pat Hutchins   Narrator: Suzanne Toren
ISBN: 9781591127123
Length:  4 Min 58 Sec
Release Date: 05/30/2001
Grades: Pre - 1
Price: $22.95
"The female narrator reads this delightful cumulative tale with a smile, and creates different voices for the various characters...Sound quality is excellent. This is a nice treatment for a popular book about sharing that deserves a place in every math/literacy collection." - School Library Journal

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express
Author: Margaret K. Wetterer   Illustrator: Karen Ritz   Narrator: Jerry Terheyden
ISBN: 9781591126638
Length:  14 Min 27 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1991
Grades: Pre - I
Price: $22.95
"The excitement of a near tragedy in 1865, averted by the heroic actions of young Kate Shelley, comes alive in this readalong production. Stirring music frames a story rich with the sound effects of a wild storm." - AudioFile
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