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Daughter of the White Rose
ISBN: 9781430144823
Release Date: 10/25/2021
Price: $49.95
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AudioFile Earphones Award
"A full-cast production adds excitement to this story based on actual royal intrigue and murder in fifteenth-century England. The cast of five enhances the scenes, allowing the listener to hear lively conversations and bustling London streets. Moira Quirk excels as commoner Nell Gould, an unlikely lifelong friend of Prince Ned and his sisters. Quirk's emotions always ring true; they range from playful laughter to sorrow and even terror as the murderous Richard of Gloucester rises to power. Steven Crossley is convincing and likable as Nell's father, a kindly baker whose love of King and family will cost him dearly. The variety of English accents employed helps listeners differentiate the social classes. Stephen DeRosa's best character is the wily court jester. Author Diane Zahler reads the backmatter."

"Nell Gould, a butcher’s daughter, becomes the playmate for Prince Edward (Ned) and his siblings in this first-person narration that takes us into the late Middle Ages. In this audio, Nell’s narrator is multi-layered and captures the playfulness, fear, sadness, and first love of a young girl coming into her own. The full-cast ensemble is fast-paced, colorful and exciting, and the charismatic voices become the story, adding to the author's rich detail and vividly portrayed scenes. Appropriate use of music and sounds woven through the audio give depth and dimension to the time and place. This story, based on a true incident, captures English history, a strong female character, and royal intrigue. It makes a great companion to Catherine, Called Birdy (1994), The Mad Wolf’s Daughter (2018), and The Player King (2017). The author reads her own notes and historical information, including a timeline."  BOOKLIST 


My Dog Has Fleas<br>A Ukulele Misadventure
Author: Bob Barner
ISBN: 9781430144922
Price: $31.95
Forthcoming release
Pick up a ukulele and play along! A ukulele-playing dog owner sings about a group of sad flea-bitten dogs as they flee from their treatment and cause comical havoc. By the end of the song, order is restored, and itches abated. Written by an author-musician, the book features a mnemonic device and other tips for how to tune and play a ukulele all captured on this upbeat recording.

When Grandfather Flew
Author: Patricia MacLachlan   Illustrated by: Chris Sheban
ISBN: 9781430144953
Price: $32.95
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"A few notes of birdsong create the perfect prelude to this heartwarming story, beautifully narrated by Katie Schorr and George Guidall. In the midst of birdcalls, fluttering wings, and other environmental sounds, a girl remembers her grandfather's passion for birds and for sharing that joy with his grandchildren. The older man's relationship with her family--particularly his special connection with her quiet little brother--inspires poignant moments of caring for and respecting the natural world. Schorr's delivery of the story's youthful voices is gently animated and perfectly complemented by Guidall's engaging warmth as the grandfather. A lovely musical score enhances their performance, and silent pauses for page-turns allow ample time for admiring the accompanying picture book's evocative illustrations."  AUDIOFILE Magazine

"Grandfather, an avid birdwatcher, teaches his grandchildren about birds. After his eyes fail, he continues to enjoy birdsong. On his passing, his laconic grandson points at an eagle in flight and identifies it as his grandfather. A lovely variety of birdsong and flight sounds are interspersed throughout the story, adding depth, and soft page-fluttering sounds mark the page turns, matching the tone of this gentle story of family connection and loss. The musical score adjusts its tone appropriately, using expansive music when accenting a description of the wide open sky and hopeful music when an injured bird flies again. This story is narrated in two voices, one for the main narrator and the other for the grandfather. Guidall, as grandfather, has a wise, warm voice that capably shows his love for the wonders he sees in both birds and his grandchildren. Schorr’s crisp, lively narration captures the child’s perspective. This tender tale introduces death and highlights two generations connected by the joy that watching nature brings."  BOOKLIST 


The Most Perfect Thing in the Universe
Author: Tricia Springstubb   Narrator: Lauren Ezzo
ISBN: 9781430144984
Price: $42.95

"Lauren Ezzo gives a wholehearted performance of this sweet and summery middle-grade novel, immersing listeners in Loah's world. Eleven-and-a-half-year-old Loah (named for an endangered bird) is a homebody, but home isn't as comforting as it used to be. Her house is in disrepair, and the elderly Rinker siblings, who are taking care of Loah while her mother, an ornithologist, is on an extended research trip in the Arctic, are getting older and frailer. And what's that mysterious hissing coming from the house's dilapidated turret? Listeners feel it as Loah worries about her mother, makes unexpected new friends, and is forced into situations in which she has to fend for herself. It's a satisfying story of family, friendship, and finding your own inner strength."  AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE

"When Loah Londonderry’s ornithologist mother endeavors to find a supposedly extinct bird in the Artic, she leaves her daughter in the care of two elderly siblings, the Rinkers, just as she has done many times in the past. This time, however, Loah’s strength is tested when Miss Rinker and Theo are hospitalized, a housing inspector threatens to condemn her dilapidated home, and her mother’s life might be in danger while on her solo expedition. With the encouragement of a new friend, Loah overcomes her introverted nature in order to help the Rinkers and save her mother. Lauren Ezzo’s melancholy tone reflects Loah’s yearning for her mother, whom she fears may love endangered birds more than her own daughter. Ezzo's unique character voices for the children and the adults who help Loah bring hope to this story about birds, friendship, and finding your true family. Springstubb provides an informative author’s note about the effects of climate change on birds."  BOOKLIST

In My Neighborhood
Narrator: Oscar Loubriel   Illustrated by: Rogerio Coelho
ISBN: 9781430145004
Price: $31.95
Available Now
STARRED REVIEW   "As the story opens, we hear instruments warming up with drumming at the center. The character, Drum, walks through the city hearing the music of his instrument family and bemoans his inability to carry a tune. Cityscape sounds show the setting, but it is the music that elevates this production. As each instrument is introduced in the story, we hear it: the low tones of the cello, the piano's keys, and the violin’s soulful strings. There’s a smile-inducing moment when Violin begins playing a riff from the Mario Brothers theme song. As Drum describes himself with his high hat and his bass drum stomach, corresponding drum beats play. Saxophone's trio, playing a jazzy beat, invites Drum to rehearse with them. It is here that Drum realizes his talent, declaring triumphantly, “I don’t carry the tune; I carry the band.” As the group plays, more instruments join and add their unique sounds until the music crescendos and Drum’s joy radiates. Beach describes the swing, echo, and bend of the music with his voice. He perfectly communicates Drum’s energetic joy at overcoming his doubts and finding his place in the music just by doing what he does best. While this audiobook is more than capable of standing on its own, it is best enjoyed alongside Coelho’s vibrant illustrations." BOOKLIST

"A cacophony of musical instruments, dynamic illustrations, and John Beach's animated narration create a joyful celebration in this audio-visual treat for the senses. In a city neighborhood in which music is the only form of communication, Drum, who doesn't have a song or a melody, feels like he can never fit in. But once invited to play with the other instruments, Drum realizes that his special gift is providing them with the rhythm that drives their music. Beach lifts the rhymes off the pages with exuberance. He delivers Drum's story with passion and imaginative flair, enhancing the book's vibrant pictures, text, and accompanying sound effects and music. The author's note elaborates on Drum's allegory, encouraging listeners to embrace who they are and their potential." AUDIOFILE Magazine