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Nothing<br>John Cage and 4'33"
Author: Nicholas Day   Illustrated by: Chris Raschka
ISBN: 9781430145523
Price: $31.95
Forthcoming Release
On August 29, 1952 master pianist David Tudor took the stage in a barnlike concert hall called the Maverick and performed John Cage’s 4’33”, a controversial yet enduring piece, whose purpose is to amplify the ambient sounds of whatever venue it inhabits. This fascinating account of a music composition with no notes and the genius who created it is brilliantly presented for young listeners to “hear how much sound there is in silence.”

Five Stories
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From the real-life granddaughter of the first child depicted in the story, whose family came over in a steamship from Russia in 1913, comes a celebration of the longstanding and varied immigrant experience in America. This clever presentation of the vibrant cultures that make up the Lower East Side of New York City — Russian, Italian, Dominican, Puerto Rican and Chinese — is told through the experiences of five different families who live in the same building over the course of five decades.
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