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The Most Perfect Thing in the Universe
Author: Tricia Springstubb   Narrator: Lauren Ezzo
ISBN: 9781430144984
Price: $42.95
". ...Lauren Ezzo’s melancholy tone reflects Loah’s yearning for her mother, whom she fears may love endangered birds more than her own daughter. Ezzo's unique character voices for the children and the adults who help Loah bring hope to this story about birds, friendship, and finding your true family. Springstubb provides an informative author’s note about the effects of climate change on birds." BOOKLIST
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In My Neighborhood
Author: Oscar Loubriel   Illustrated by: Rogerio Coelho   Narrator: John Beach
ISBN: 9781430145004
Price: $31.95
"A cacophony of musical instruments, dynamic illustrations, and John Beach's animated narration create a joyful celebration in this audio-visual treat for the senses. ... Beach lifts the rhymes off the pages with exuberance. He delivers Drum's story with passion and imaginative flair, enhancing the book's vibrant pictures, text, and accompanying sound effects and music. The author's note elaborates on Drum's allegory, encouraging listeners to embrace who they are and their potential." AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE
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Houndsley and Catina at the Library
Author: James Howe   Illustrator: Marie-Louise Gay   Narrator: Peter Pamela Rose
ISBN: 9781430144380
Price: $22.95
The best friends are upset when they discover that the library will be closing but with the help of others learn to adapt to change.

El Chef Roy Choi y su Remix
Illustrated by: Man One   Read by: Man One   Authors: Jacqueline Briggs Martin, June Jo Lee   Narrator: Rosi Amador
ISBN: 9781430145110
Price: $22.95
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Award-winning artist Man One and voice artist Rosi Amador narrate the Spanish edition of this vibrant and poetic homage to Chef Roy Choi’s life and his path to street food stardom, all against a musical backdrop of beats and rhythms that amplify the story.
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Sandor Katz and the Tiny Wild
Authors: Jacqueline Briggs Martin, June Jo Lee   Illustrated by: Julie Wilson   Narrators: Sandor Katz, Lori Prince   Author's Note read by: Jacqueline Briggs Martin   Author's Notes read by: June Jo Lee
ISBN: 9781430145141
Release Date: 04/15/2023
Price: $31.95
AudioFile Earphones Award "Fermentation expert Sandor Katz's hearty voice punctuates Lori Prince's overall narration of this picture book. It's a biography of Katz, who moved to a "community of queer folk" in Tennessee in search of a healthy life after his HIV diagnosis. He has become famous for his recipes for fermented foods. ... The whole package fizzes with briny verve. AudioFile Magazine
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I'm New Here
ISBN: 9781430125839
Release Date: 11/30/2016
Price: $22.95
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Houndsley and Catina Cousin Wagster
Illustrator: Marie-Louise Gay   Author: James Howe   Narrator: Peter Pamela Rose
ISBN: 9781430144335
Length:  14 Min 04 Sec
Release Date: 01/15/2021
Price: $22.95
When Houndsley’s exuberant and adventurous cousin comes to visit the two best friends learn to navigate how he changes their friendship.

Las Espinacas de Sylvia (Sylvia's Spinach)
Author: Katherine Pryor   Illustrated by: Anna Raff   Narrators: Alisa Amador, Rosi Amador, Brian Amador
ISBN: 9781430144212
Length:  13 Min 35 Sec
Release Date: 03/01/2020
Price: $22.95
The delightful story of Sylvia, who hates spinach, but discovers the magic of growing her own food through a school gardening project, is now available in a Spanish edition.

Amara's Farm
Author: JaNay Brown-Wood   Illustrated by: Samara Hardy   Narrators: JaNay Brown-Wood, Vivian Wood
ISBN: 9781430145172
Price: $31.95
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The Where in the Garden? series features a delightfully diverse cast of toddlers, each exploring simple fruit/vegetable identification, perfect for introducing agriculture, farming, gardening, and healthy eating. AMARA'S FARM is the first book in this series.
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Miguel's Community Garden
Author: JaNay Brown-Wood   Illustrated by: Samara Hardy   Narrators: Andres Munar, Lewis Touna
ISBN: 9781430145202
Price: $31.95
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The Where in the Garden? series features a delightfully diverse cast of toddlers, each exploring simple fruit/vegetable identification, perfect for introducing agriculture, farming, gardening, and healthy eating. MIGUEL'S COMMUNITY GARDEN is the second book in this series.
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Linh's Rooftop Garden
ISBN: 9781430145394
Release Date: 12/10/2023
Price: $35.95
In this fourth book in the series, Linh and her mother are exploring their rooftop garden to find blueberries that Linh needs for a picnic with her friends. Little listeners can compare the unique characteristics of blueberries against peaches, strawberries, tomatoes and other produce that grows in the garden. And learn how to use the fruit in a tasty blueberry and banana pancake recipe for little chefs and their adult helpers to try together.

Logan's Greenhouse
Logan is organizing a pet playdate with his friends at his wheelchair-accessible greenhouse, but he really wants carrots for the treats he’s making. There are plenty of plants but can Logan find the long, orange vegetable with bushy leaves at the top among the sweet potatoes, leeks, turnips, and other produce that grows in the greenhouse in time for the playdate? A delicious winter carrot soup is included.

Night in the City
Author: Julie Downing   Narrator: Harriett D. Foy
ISBN: 9781430145424
Release Date: 10/30/2023
Price: $35.95
When it is night in the city and some people are getting ready for bed, others are just waking up. This warmly told story, full of beguiling details and night sounds, presents eight different people — nurse, baker, taxi driver, fire fighter, on location film tech, janitor, museum security guard, and emergency dispatcher— as they go through the course of an ordinary evening. Children will delight in their stories as they discover the beating heart of a busy city.

Goblin Market
Author: Diane Zahler   Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
ISBN: 9781430145332
Price: $42.95
Multiple award-winning narrator Tavia Gilbert enchants with her rich storytelling of this delightfully dark middle-grade tale of sisterly love and goblin magic, inspired by Polish folklore and the poetry of Christina Rossetti. Lizzie and Minka are sisters, but they’re nothing alike: Minka is outgoing and cheerful, while Lizzie is shy and sensitive. Nothing much ever happens in their sleepy village—until Minka meets a boy, a boy who is really a zdusze—a goblin— who bewitches her. To save her sister, Lizzie will have to find courage she never knew she had—courage to confront the impossible—and enter into a world of dreams and danger.

Space Between Before and After, The
Author: Sue Stauffacher   Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
ISBN: 9781430143956
Release Date: 10/31/2019
Price: $44.95
Starred Review" "...Gilbert delivers an extraordinary narration. She aptly voices the myriad emotions experienced by this grief stricken boy, varying his tone and pitch, often heartbreakingly. Equally, she succeeds in creating believable and fully fleshed-out characters by clearly differentiating among their voices, respecting gender and age and using authentic native dialect. Spot-on pacing of this thoughtful story solidly establishes a sense of time, allowing the listener to walk every step of this journey with Thomas until its beautifully hopeful end. Death and suicide are topics often tiptoed around, especially with young children. This affecting production may help to initiate important conversations." Booklist
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