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Ben's Trumpet
Author & Illustrator: Rachel Isadora   Narrator: Charles Turner
ISBN: 9781591124023
Length:  6 Min 34 Sec
Release Date: 03/30/1998
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"A trumpet solo of light jazz introduces this....story of Ben, a black youngster enamored of the music he hears coming from the Zig Zag jazz Club in the 1920s." -School Library Journal
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Here in Harlem: Poems in Many Voices
ISBN: 9781430109303
Length:  1 Hr 30 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 11/30/2010
Grades: 3 - 6
Price: $22.95
"An excellent introduction to poetry, social issues, and memoirs; and a wonderful complement to Live Oak's 2008 Odyssey Award winner, Jazz (also written by Myers)."-Booklist
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Corduroy (Edicion en Espanol)
Author & Illustrator: Don Freeman   Narrator: Willie Colon
ISBN: 9781595191502
Length:  9 Min 48 Sec
Release Date: 09/30/1990
Grades: Pre - 3
Price: $19.95
"School and public libraries needing Spanish language materials will want to purchase this good quality presentation..." School Library Journal

Hang On, Monkey!
Author: Susan B. Neuman   Narrator: Nancy Wu
ISBN: 9781430126409
Length:  6 Min 25 Sec
Release Date: 01/01/2017
Price: $19.95
"Nancy Wu's clear and precise narration suits this nonfiction pre-reader....Repeated listens are in order, and Nancy Wu is easy on the ear." AudioFile Magazine
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Election Day
Author: Margaret McNamara   Illustrator: Mike Gordon   Narrator: Emily Bauer
ISBN: 9781430106005
Length:  5 Min 14 Sec
Release Date: 12/30/2008
Grades: Pre - 1
Price: $19.95
Today is Becky's first day at Robin Hill School and when she walks into elections for class president, she surprises her new classmates and herself by making a speech that wins her more than votes!

One Hundred Days (Plus One)
Author: Margaret McNamara   Illustrator: Mike Gordon   Narrator: Emily Bauer
ISBN: 9781430106180
Length:  5 Min 21 Sec
Release Date: 12/31/2008
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
Hannah is disappointed when she misses the 100 day celebration because of a cold, but when she returns on Monday with her button collection the class is marking "one hundred plus one" day.

Fox Went Out On A Chilly Night, The
Illustrator: Peter Spier   Narrator: Tom Chapin
ISBN: 9781591124412
Length:  8 Min 51 Sec
Release Date: 12/15/2006
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"For the farmer, there's nothing to appreciate about a pesky fox stealing poultry form the henhouse. But for the fox's kits, there's nothing like the triumphant return of dad with food to the den, and for the listener there's nothing like Tom Chapin performing this well-loved folk song... Chapin's music brings animation and pleasure." -AudioFile Magazine
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Little Pig Saves the Ship
Author & Illustrator: David Hyde Costello   Narrator: Emily Eiden
ISBN: 9781430131120
Length:  8 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 05/31/2018
Price: $29.95
Intrepid Little Pig, from LITTLE PIG JOINS THE BAND, is back in a new adventure where once again he’s too small to join his older brothers and sisters – this time at sailing camp. Brother Tiny gives Little Pig some rope and tells him to practice tying knots, but when Grandpa and Poppy come over with a model ship his sailing fun really begins. All week they happily sail the boat in the stream until on Saturday a gust of wind carries the ship down the waterfall and Poppy can’t quite reach it. How Little Pig uses his knot-tying skills to save the day gives him his own sailing stories to share with his siblings on their return. This intergenerational tale of family and cooperation, along with the irresistible charm of Little Pig, will delight listeners of all ages.

Buttons for General Washington
Author: Peter & Connie Roop   Illustrator: Peter E. Hanson
ISBN: 9781595199331
Length:  14 Min 39 Sec
Release Date: 01/30/2007
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"In Revolutionary times, spies sent secret messages in clever ways. In this true story, John Darragh, a teenaged spy from a Quaker family, carries a message to General Washington sewn inside his coat buttons..Young historians will appreciate the accompanying book's simple but evocative watercolor illustrations and the production's background music, including the fifes and drums of a revolutionary band. They'll enjoy the story's plentiful dialogue as gruff soldiers, family members, and even General Washington himself make this story vivid for young history buffs." -AudioFile

Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt, A
Author: David A. Adler   Illustrator: Robert Casilla   Narrator: Randye Kaye
ISBN: 9781591127536
Length:  9 Min 00 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1997
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...A worthwhile and significant addition to any elementary collection." - School Library Journal

Henry and Mudge and the Careful Cousin
Author: Cynthia Rylant   Illustrator: Sucie Stevenson   Narrator: John Beach
ISBN: 9781591123705
Length:  11 Min 46 Sec
Release Date: 11/30/1999
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...Schools and public libraries will find this useful and very popular." - School Library Journal

Deep in the Swamp
Author: Donna M. Bateman   Illustrator: Brian Lies   Narrator: Tom Chapin
ISBN: 9781430114598
Length:  17 Min 12 Sec
Release Date: 02/28/2014
Grades: 2 - 4
Price: $19.95
"What a treat to have the venerable Tom Chapin narrate this Okefenokee remake of the familiar "Over in the Meadow"! ... The production includes Chapin singing the story, accompanying himself with various instruments, and a glossary of swamp inhabitants." AudioFile Magazine
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In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall
ISBN: 9781591123163
Length:  16 Min 35 Sec
Release Date: 05/30/2002
Grades: K - 3
Price: $19.95
"...This poetry collection expresses the playfulness, wonder, honor, pride, and tenderness that Steptoe (the son of illustrator John Steptoe) and other artists realized in their fathers." -Booklist

Author: Gail Tuchman   Narrator: Dion Graham
ISBN: 9781430118893
Length:  4 Min 01 Sec
Release Date: 01/15/2015
Grades: Pre - 2
Price: $19.95
" Graham's clear voice and leisurely pace contribute to the child friendliness of this production, as do the gentle music and animal sounds. Poring over the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographs will further enrich the safari experience." AudioFile Magazine
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Un Sillon Para Mi Mama (A Chair for my Mother)
Author & Illustrator: Vera B. Williams   Narrator: Susan Rybin
ISBN: 9781595191977
Length:  11 Min 30 Sec
Release Date: 10/30/1994
Grades: Pre - 3
Price: $19.95
Daughter, mother and grandmother all dream of saving enough coins to buy a new chair to replace the one that was destroyed in the fire that ravaged their apartment.
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