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30 Reasons Why Readalongs Are Really Great

In celebration of the 30 year anniversary of Live Oak Media in 2010, we asked our customers to tell us Why Readalongs are Really Great. Here are our favorites:

  1. "I learned to read with recorded books - 45 rpm with Roy Rogers narrating and Trigger's whinny telling me to turn the page."—Grace Slaughter; Alabama 
  2. "Children can increase vocabulary and fluency listening to audio...I love them too!"—Catherine Beyers; Southern Bluffs Elementary School, La Crosse, WI 
  3. "Readalongs help the child and adult to: bond; learn; spend time together."—Caroyln Morehead
  4. "Readalongs pull my students into the story-they 'own' the reading then."—Ruth Shasteen
  5. "Readalongs help fight the battle of literacy for non-readers and give families time together."—Deborah Burns; Chicago Public Library
  6. "A book that holds your attention when read aloud is the one that sticks in your mind."—Janis Tyhurst
  7. "Because reading with your ears rocks!"—Elisabeth Simmons
  8. "Readalongs are great for children with reading issues because they help the child develop self-confidence."—Robby Chabalko; Pilot School, Washington, DE
  9. "Readalongs are awesome in the car, much better than TV!"—Jan Hamilton
  10. "Readalongs are terrific for reluctant readers, new readers, special needs kids - and just for enjoying books independently for the young book readers."—Rebecca Golden; Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, VT
  11. "Audio reaches children in a different way than print and for some kids it is the only way!"—Jessica Gillis; Juana Briones Elementary School, Palo Alto CA
  12. "Readalongs provide an alternative way to read materials for those who aren't quite sure about handling printed texts."—Kathy Piehl; Minnesota State University, Mankato MN
  13. "Readalongs provide my students with extra enjoyment for their reading during the school day - they bring reading to life."—Kathy Showman; Eldersburg, MD
  14. "Readalongs provide the connection between the different types of readers - auditory and visual."—Paula Gallagher; Baltimore Public Library, Towson, MD
  15. "Our younger patrons love them because they get to see and hear the words. They're educational and entertaining (the students usually don't even know about the learning part!)"— Cynthia Stafford; Dayton Metro Library, Kettering OH
  16. "Readalongs are fantastic because they improve fluency, inflection and comprehension in beginning readers."—Katie Mullins; Kendallville Public Library, Kendallville, IN
  17. "Listening to others read gives children the experience of voice and timing."—Elizabeth Knapp; Mossy Creek Elementary, N. Augusta, SC
  18. "Having books available in a variety of formats is so important for today's kids."—Jennifer Little
  19. "Readalongs are great because I work with kids with learning disabilities who can't read, but can listen!"—Ann Chase-Karel; Eagle Hill School, Greenwich, CT
  20. "Readalongs help my Spanish-speaking customers hear proper English."—Odette Batis; Richmond Public Library, Richmond, CA
  21. "Readalongs reach out to kids with varying abilities; the kids love them and they help them become fluent readers."—Celeste Knoll; Carrsville, VA
  22. "Readalongs help with language learning!"—Teresa Copeland; Tesseract School; Paradise Valley, AZ
  23. "Readalongs are great because they model how to read; more senses are engaged; and they reach different types of readers."—Lisa Triggs; Maret School, Washington DC
  24. "Readalongs offer great daddy-daughter bonding time."—Michael Coderre; Bristol, CT
  25. "Readalongs are great because students learn best when they both see and hear a story."—Catherine Eiche; Washington DC
  26. "Readalongs are great because they can be loved by ALL ages!"—Lori Hancock; The Lexington School, Lexington, KY
  27. "Readalongs are great for ESL readers. Immigrant children may not have the opportunity for their parents to read to them and seeing/hearing the text helps both parents and children."—Charmaine Walker; Greenwood Elementary, Henrico County, VA
  28. "Readalongs are a great literacy tool while remaining an enjoyable activity."—Kathy McClure
  29. "Readalongs are great for many reasons, but especially for vocabulary assistance and learning new terms."—Beth Munk; Kendallville & Limberlost Public Library; Kendallville & Rome City, IN
  30. "Hearing a voice read to you is a great comfort!"—Annamaria Basile; Silver Spring, MD