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Punctuation Takes a Vacation
Author: Robin Pulver   Illustrator: Lynn Rowe Reed   Narrator: John Beach
ISBN 13: 9781430107071
Release Date: 05/30/2009
Grades: K - 4
Length:  12 Min 09 Sec
Price: $22.95
"This is that rare audiobook that truly makes the print version come alive. The sound effects alone are priceless, with homage to Grammy Award-winner Bobby McFerrin. If you've ever wondered what punctuation marks sound like, Beach provides hilarious voices and sound effects for each one. A masterful, creative, amusing, must-have production that simplifies the rules of punctuation."-School Library Journal
Audio File
Price: $22.95
ISBN 13: 9781430107033

Price: $12.95

Reaching For The Moon
Author: Buzz Aldrin   Illustrator: Wendell Minor   Narrator: Buzz Aldrin
ISBN 13: 9781595195845
Release Date: 01/31/2006
Grades: K - 4
Length:  30 Min 37 Sec
Price: $22.95
"Astronaut Buzz Aldrin narrates this fascinating autobiography that provides information about his childhood, his education, and his first steps on the moon. Aldrin's pacing and inflection draws listeners in...Occasional, subtle sound effects and background instrumentation add to the richness of the story. This read-along set will work well in a classroom setting for units on space or biographies."-School Library Journal
ISBN 13: 9781595195845

Price: $22.95
ISBN 13: 9781595195821

Price: $29.95

Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen   Narrator: Tara Sands
ISBN 13: 9781595190024
Release Date: 06/30/2004
Grades: 4 - 7
Length:  7 Hr 10 Min 00 Sec
Price: $49.95
"...Actress Tara Sands is able to take on both Sammy's precocity and the art community's artificiality with her fast, lively, and totally engaging performance." - AudioFile Magazine
ISBN 13: 9781595190024

Price: $49.95

Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen   Narrator: Tara Sands
ISBN 13: 9781591122807
Release Date: 08/30/2003
Grades: 4 - 7
Length:  6 Hr 45 Min 00 Sec
Price: $49.95
"...Despite the light tone of Van Draanen's writing and Tara Sands' cheerfully cherubic performance, the book deals with hard issuees - gangs, teen pregnancy, domestic abuse - and handles them with honesty." - AudioFile Magazine
ISBN 13: 9781591122807

Price: $49.95

Shredderman: Attack of the Tagger
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen   Illustrator: Brian Biggs   Narrator: Daniel Young
ISBN 13: 9781595197573
Release Date: 10/31/2006
Grades: 3 - 6
Length:  1 Hr 55 Min 00 Sec
Price: $22.95
"Narrator Daniel Young is nothing short of awesome in this second Shredderman story." - AudioFile Magazine
ISBN 13: 9781595197573

Price: $22.95

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