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Currently, we have over 150 titles available for purchase with more backlist titles being added regularly.
What exactly is an eReadalong?
An eReadalong is an ebook fully integrated with the high-quality audio production that Live Oak Media creates for every book we record. eReadalongs are delivered through a streaming process. Once your digital account is set up, the Bookshelf with all of your purchases will be accessible on your computer.

Will the books be animated or have interactive options?
No, as the undustry leader in high-quality readalongs since 1983, we are focusing on what we do best—provide exceptional word-for-word audio recordings that are listened to along with the books. It is this attention to detail that sets eReadalongs apart and makes them an excellent choice for learning.

How do I purchase eReadalongs?
Live Oak Media eReadalongs are now available for purchase through Lerner Publishing. Visit their website for access to all of our titles. If you have questions about eReadalongs or need more information, please contact us at Live Oak Media ( or 800-788-1121) or contact Lerner customer service directly (; 800.328.4929)

Why should I choose Live Oak Media eReadalongs for my students?
We're glad you asked! Please download this position paper, which discusses how Live Oak Media eReadalongs support and facilitate reading and language development, support a variety of learning abilities, can be used as part of your Common Core curriculum, and more.