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Author: Eric A. Kimmel   Illustrator: Janet Stevens   Narrator: Jerry Terheyden

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    ISBN: 9781430108436
    Release Date: 01/31/2011
    Grades: Pre - 2
    Reading Level: 2.0
    Length:  14 Min 14 Sec

    Anansi’s Party Time 1 PB/1 CD
    ISBN: 9781430108436
    Anansi’s Party Time 1 HC/1 CD
    ISBN: 9781430108443
    Anansi’s Party Time 4 PB/1 CD
    ISBN: 9781430108450
    Anansi’s Party Time CD
    ISBN: 9781430108429


    "....Jerry Terheyden's narration alternates between the slow pace of a turtle and the bounce of an exuberant spider.... Balloons filing with air and underwater bubbles are among the fitting sound effects." -AudioFile Magazine


    Review by: Booklist Magazine - September 15, 2011
    "In Kimmel’s fifth series title (illustrated by Janet Stevens), trickster-spider Anansi invites Turtle to a party. Turtle slowly trundles back and forth for a costume, a dish, and food before he realizes he has been fooled. Turtle gets his revenge by inviting Anansi to an underwater party, where Anansi has to hold on to Crab just to keep from floating away, missing all the treats and the fun. Terheyden reads with a slow, deliberate pace, giving listeners time to enjoy Stevens’ engaging mixed-media artwork. A variety of comedic voices (Crab sounds remarkably like Walter Matthau) helps distinguish characters and adds humor. Unobtrusive background music and sound effects enhance the recording."
    Review by: School Library Journal - August 15, 2011
    "Anansi the spider still remembers the trick Turtle played on him when they went fishing together, so he decides it's payback time. First, Anansi sends Turtle an invitation to a party with circuitous directions that result in a late arrival. Then, he sends Turtle back home for so many items that everyone has gone home and Turtle completely misses the party. Seeking revenge, Turtle plans a party at the bottom of the river, so Anansi has to grab tightly onto Crab so he doesn't float to the surface and he can't eat or drink. Anansi starts having fun when he wins a guessing game, but the prize is a bunch of balloons. Crab and Anasi shoot up out of the river holding onto the balloons and don't stop until they are on the moon. Jerry Terheyden narrates Eric Kimmel's tale with different comical voices for each character. The pace of the narration is slow, which fits Turtle's personality, but is not as suitable for other characters. Janet Steven's humorous artwork is endearing. Fans of Anansi and his clever tricks will enjoy this fun story."
    Review by: AudioFile Magazine - July 1, 2011
    "Tricksters extraordinaire Anansi (a spider) and Turtle are at it again. In this tale, parties are the topic. Fulfilling each of his tasks takes a long time, and Turtle may never arrive to enjoy Anansi's party. And when Anansi heads to Turtle's party, she finds it's a bit difficult to enjoy the underwater event. Jerry Terheyden's narration alternates between the slow pace of a turtle and the bounce of an exuberant spider. Terheyden's voice is high pitched and often grating as Anansi and deep and deliberate as Turtle. A W.C. Fields-like characterization of Crab provides comic relief. Balloons filling with air and underwater bubbles are among the fitting sound effects." l


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