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    ISBN: 9781430125983
    Release Date: 10/01/2016

    Audio File
    Baker's Magic 7 CD Set
    ISBN: 9781430125983


    AudioFile Earphones Award " A full cast works together seamlessly in this charming magical adventure. ...The care in the production is evident..." AudioFile Magazine


    Review by: Booklist Magazine - March 15, 2017
    Starred Review This full cast-production is truly the best way to enjoy Zahler’s latest magical adventure. Gilbert as Bee, our narrator, leads with self-assurance and spirit. Bee’s theft of a bun from Master Bout’s bakery results in an unexpected apprenticeship. Master Bout’s deep, gentle voice coaxes Bee out of her shell to reveal hidden magical talents. Bee’s emotive baking talent evokes a strong response from Master Bout, whose surprised shock quickly changes to admiration and glee. Bee’s ability to infuse emotions into her baked goods boosts the bakery’s popularity, earning the attention of the pastry-loving mage, Master Joris, who holds Princess Anika captive. In every detail, this performance exceeds expectations. Stephen DeRosa as Master Joris drips arrogance through every pore, Robin Miles is masterful in creating eccentric yet lovable pirates Captain Zafira and Haleem, and Elisabeth Rodgers captures the otherworldliness of the moss maiden, Ying-Tao, with shimmery half whispers. The many narrators work together seamlessly to produce wholly believable characters and suffuse them with deep emotions. Chapters whiz by at high speed, capturing each development with passion and energy. The musical interludes heralding the many twists and turns, and the delicious recipe for the infamous Bout’s Buns at the end, will leave listeners hungry for more.
    Review by: School Library Journal - March 1, 2017
    Orphaned as a baby, 12-year-old Bee leaves her foster parents and travels to the capital city, where hunger leads her to steal a bun from a local bakery. Her “punishment” is to help the kindly baker, which swiftly turns into an apprenticeship as Bee shows an aptitude for baking. More than an aptitude, in fact, when it’s discovered that Bee baker her emotions into her cookies and tarts and passes those emotions on to whoever eats them. She also helps a princess and learns what has happened to all the missing trees. This sweet, engaging fantasy has just the right amount of action and is enhanced by strong characterizations and a positive environmental message. The full-cast performance is led by Tavia Gilbert, who narrates and portrays Bee, the plucky, resourceful protagonist. VERDICT Solid pacing and the skill of all the voice actors to convey both story and emotion result in an entertaining listening experience that includes a recipe for the fateful buns that started it all. For fantasy lovers.
    Review by: AudioFile Magazine - November 1, 2016
    A full cast works together seamlessly in this charming magical adventure. As the story's narrator, Tavia Gilbert is crisply engaged, and she's spirited as young Bee, the baker's apprentice. Kenneth Cavett, with his rich and resonant voice, is a standout as kindly baker Master Bouts, and Robin Miles is a hoot as pirate captain Zafira Zay. The care in the production is evident—the rest of the cast adds vocal personality to characters both large and small, and mood-appropriate snippets of music begin and end each chapter, helping to sweep listeners along. Scenes in the bakery are rendered with as much attention to detail as those on the high seas or in the mage's castle—beware of listening while hungry.


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